Lean Management

Lean management is the driving force behind lean regardless of the industry, size or the nature of your organization. In simple terms lean management is managing your organization according to the concepts and principles of lean. This is about using lean tools and techniques to achieve your goals with a true lean vision. Although seems simple managing an organization the lean way has its challenges. The first and the most important challenge is in bringing the cultural change in your organization. Lean will challenge most of your traditional values and practices. It will pull people out from their comfort zones. On the other hand lean will manage the organizations in more process oriented manner for an example.

Lean management is about understanding the simple yet powerful concepts behind lean and application of them in your context. Using lean tools to support your organization and using your people effectively in achieving your goals.

“Lean management is an art one should perfect with time and with the understanding about lean manufacturing. Lean leaders will be the most important asset to any organization in its lean journey”.

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