Organizational Diagnosis

Organizations conduct financial audits to make sure that resources are utilized effectively. And since human resources are typically the largest line item on the income statement, shouldn’t your organization be capitalizing on this investment and ensure that your people are as productive as possible. Studies demonstrate that satisfied and engaged employees produce the highest levels of results. Also, employees with high morale tend to remain in an organization longer than those with low morale.

An Organizational Climate Survey can provide a fast, easy, and thorough representation of your company culture. From that benchmark, you can strategize action plans for growth toward your desired culture.

Re-administer the survey in twelve months to measure the efficacy of your development strategy. This continuous cycle of assessment will help ensure the health of your organization.

The IQMS organizational climate survey provides a quantitative measure of employee attitudes and opinions. This process provides the basis for creating a highly engaged workforce and helps to ensure your organization’s long-term success.

The IQMS Organizational Climate Survey Process includes the following steps:

Phase I – Survey Design
 Start with our standard survey. Customize utilizing our database questions. Or write client-specific questions.

Phase II – Rater Orientation & Project Set-Up
Introduce the process to all of the raters, explaining the who, what, when, where, why, and how of organizational assessment and action planning.

Phase III – Survey Administration
Each rater will complete the survey via web interface (or diskette or paper if needed), providing numerical ratings and written comments for each question.

Phase IV – Report Generation
Provide summary reports of survey outcomes in a variety of categories including by department and as an organization.

Phase V – Survey Interpretation and Action Planning
An expert coach meets with senior managers to interpret survey results, identify underlying trends and develop action plans.

Climate is a powerful component of an organization’s success, laying the tracks for strategy to roll out on. It is the foundation for profit, productivity and progress. While it can accelerate getting to the next level of performance, it can just as easily act as drag. IQMS  is a leading consulting firm conducting groundbreaking culture diagnosis and climate surveys to help organizations leverage their organizational climate to drive strategy and performance.

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