Quality Circle

quality circle is a participatory management technique that enlists the help of employees in solving problems related to their own jobs. Circles are formed of employees working together in an operation who meet at intervals to discuss problems of quality and to devise solutions for improvements.

Quality circles have an autonomous character, are usually small, and are led by a supervisor or a senior worker. Employees who participate in quality circles usually receive training in formal problem-solving methods—such as brain-storming, pareto analysis, and cause-and-effect diagrams—and are then encouraged to apply these methods either to specific or general company problems. After completing an analysis, they often present their findings to management and then handle implementation of approved solutions.

The concept of the Quality Circle is based on “respect for the human individual” as against the traditional assumption based on suspicion and mistrust between management and its em­ployees.

Quality circles built mutual trust and create greater understanding between the manage­ment and the workers.

Quality Circle aims at building people, developing them, arousing genuine interest and dedication to their work to improve quality, productivity, cost reduction etc.

Thus we can say that a quality circle is a group of 5 to 8 employees performing similar work, who volunteer themselves to meet regularly, to identify the cause of their on-the-job problems, employ advanced problem-solving techniques to reach solutions and implement them.

Objectives of Quality Circle:

  • To improve quality, productivity, safety and cost reduction.
  • To give chance to the employees to use their wisdom and creativity.
  • To encourage team spirit, cohesive culture among different levels and sections of the employees.
  • To promote self and mutual development including leadership quality
  • To fulfill the self-esteem and motivational needs of employees.
  • To improve the quality of work-life of employees.

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