Total Quality Management

Our Total Quality Management training provides the concept of implementation in an all encompassing quality focused approach covering all aspect of operation of an organization. IQMS Total quality management training key to improving quality is to improve processes that define, produce and support products and services of your organization. While Total Quality Management has proven to be an effective process for improving organizational functioning, its value can only be assured through comprehensive and integrated implementation process training

In order to achieve the very highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction it is necessary to embed quality right across the organization, in everything it does and with all staff. This is the underlying philosophy of Total Quality Management. So IQMS Total Quality Management training focuses on the

  1. The concept of Total Quality Management
  2. The philosophy behind Total Quality Management
  3. easurement
  4. Cost of quality
  5. Leading lights and their ideas
  6. Process improvement
  7. Benchmarking
  8. Cause and effect

Benefits of Total Quality Management Training

IQMS Total quality management training helps to the trainees (or organization) to develop their ability to:

  1. Improved quality of the customer requirements
  2. Increased satisfaction of the customer and employees
  3. Better performance of the organization
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