Benchmarking Service

Benchmarking is the process of comparing the business processes and performance metrics including cost, cycle time, productivity, or quality to another that is widely considered to be an industry standard benchmark or best practice. Essentially, benchmarking provides a snapshot of the performance of your business and helps you understand where you are in relation to a particular standard.

Also referred to as “best practice benchmarking” or “process benchmarking”, it is a process used in management and particularly strategic management, in which organizations evaluate various aspects of their processes in relation to best practice companies’ processes, usually within a peer group defined for the purposes of comparison.

IQMS’s performance benchmarking brings you tools, techniques and access to a repository of projects that will equip your business to leapfrog competition. The advisory services leverage IQMS’s experience and expertise built over a decade of international consulting.

IQMS Benchmarking Service has no fundamentals

  1. The service covers all types of project life cycles: waterfall, prototyping, RAD, maintenance, enhancements.
  2. The service is independent of the size of the organization.
  3. The service is independent of the quality model/framework adopted by the organization (ISO, CMM® etc).
  4. The service is independent of the project sizing methodology: SLOC, FPA, Component, modules, system-subsystem etc.
  5. At the minimum, the service requires tracking of SEISM defined core measures: Size, Effort, Time and Defects.
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