ISO 10015 : 2019, Quality Management – Guidelines For Competence Management and People Development

To stay in the race, organizations must continuously re-invest in and upgrade the competence of their human resources.

International Standard ISO 10015:2019 Quality management — Guidelines for Competence Management and People Development gives guidelines for an organization to establish, implement, maintain and improve systems for competence management and people development to positively affect outcomes related to the conformity of products and services and the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties. It is applicable to all organizations regardless of their type or size. It does not add to, change or otherwise modify requirements for the ISO 9000 family or any other standards.

Benefits of ISO 10015:2019

Applying planned and systematic processes for competence and people development processes makes an important contribution to helping organizations improve their capabilities, meet their strategic direction, and achieve intended results.
Competence management has significant importance in enhancing the organization’s capabilities to create and deliver value.

Main changes of the ISO 10015:2019 revision

The main changes compared with the previous edition ISO 10015:1999 are as follows:
1. technically revised;
2. closer alignment with the High-Level Structure (HLS) as laid down in the new ISO 9000 family series;
3. updated to support in general the fact that the organization wishing to comply should identify its competence needs at planned intervals;
4. competence management has been further clarified.

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