Organizational Performance

Today’s conventional wisdom asserts that performance management is no longer a luxury for only the most advanced organizations. It is a necessity for government and businesses to function at an optimal level.

IQMS’s Organization Performance (OP) Best-practice implements the organization performance management systems that are results-driven and aligned with organizational objectives. We work with each client to help them understand that managing performance is a process, not an event, and to that end we develop performance appraisals and standards, establish competencies, facilitate periodic updates and reviews, implement reward systems, craft employee training and development plans, and create an organizational culture that encourages optimal performance.

IQMS’s practice focuses on the major activities of the organization to build the complete organization performance management system. The major are activities are:

  1. Performance Plans & Goals Setting
  2. Competency Models
  3. Performance Appraisal
  4. Leadership Develop

IQMS’s OP practice provides a wide range of performance activities, consulting and appraisal services to help the organizations in organizing and managing their process as well developing overall performance of the organization.

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