Human Capability Enhancement

Human Capability Enhancement (HCE) is both an academic theory and a business practice that addresses the theoretical and practical techniques of managing a workforce.

The theoretical discipline is based primarily on the assumption that employees are individuals with varying goals and needs, and as such should not be thought of as basic business resources, such as computers and servers.

The field takes a positive view of workforce, assuming that virtually all wish to contribute to the enterprise productively, and that the main obstacles to their endeavors are lack of knowledge, insufficient training, and failures of process.

HCE is seen by practitioners in the field as a more innovative view of workplace management than the traditional approach.

Its techniques force the managers of an enterprise to express their goals with specificity so that they can be understood and undertaken by the workforce and to provide the resources needed for them to successfully accomplish their assignments.

As such, HCE techniques, when properly practiced, are expressive of the goals and operating practices of the enterprise overall.

  1. The organizations are facing no. of issues related to the Human resources are
  2. Managing attrition and lay-offs
  3. Developing workforce competencies required to execute business strategy
  4. Measuring training effectiveness
  5. Enhancing employee and customer satisfaction levels
  6. Providing motivation in a highly dynamic work environmen

IQMS’s HCE practice provides a wide range of competency development, consulting and appraisal services to help the organizations in organizing and managing their workforce.

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