ISO 10007:2017 Quality Management — Guidelines for Configuration Management

ISO 10007:2017 provides guidance on the use of configuration management within an organization. It is applicable to the support of products and services from concept to disposal.

Configuration management is used for documenting product or service configurations – the interrelated functional and physical characteristics of a product or service, including design, realization, verification, operation, and support. Through this, the process provides identification and traceability, the status of achievement of its physical and functional requirements, and access to accurate information in all phases of the life cycle. Guidance on the use of configuration management within an organization is covered in ISO 10007:2017 – Quality management – Guidelines for configuration management.

ISO 10007:2017 assists organizations in applying configuration management with the ultimate goal of improving their performance by assuring the proper accounting of the enterprise’s configuration items, the entities within a configuration that satisfy an end use function. It accomplishes this not only by detailing the means by which an organization can carry out the process, but also by outlining the responsibilities and authorities involved and including additional information that can help to enhance common understanding of the subject.

The configuration management process incorporates configuration management planning, configuration identification, change control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audit. ISO 10007:2017 addresses each of these integral steps in detail, and with its guidance, organizations can oversee the support of products and services from concept to disposal.

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