IT Service Management

In current era the top and senior management of the organization are concerned about optimizing their IT investments and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of IT resources to support business requirements. IT investment is a key for businesses to successfully deliver products and services. Equally critical is an effective Management of IT Services within an organization to maximize Return on IT Investments.

IT service management (ITSM), is the discipline used in industries that provide services or a combination of goods and services. While widely used in the IT industry, specifically the ICT (information and Communication Technology) sector, service management can be integrated into many other industries.

IQMS provides several components and practices of IT service management. IT Service management usually incorporates automated systems along with skilled labor. IT Service management also usually provides service development. For instance, it is extremely important to first simplify and then streamline services that you manage (i.e. delivery, support) into a simple workflow. However, managing your workflow is not enough, another component another component is the ability to govern automated controls from a centralized location and make sure that data security is in effect at all times.IQMS believes, to improve the IT services (i.e. delivery, support etc.), you first need to understand them. Our Consultants work with our clients to help their organization’s IT Services progress through IQMS’s practices and achieve operational excellence.

  1. Managing constant business and IT Change
  2. Delivering the required, business justified, IT services. In other words, delivering what is required, when required and at an agreed cost)
  3. Outsourcing, in–sourcing and smart sourcing
  4. Increasing return on IT Investments
  5. Measuring IT organization effectiveness and efficiency
  6. Integrating and aligning IT and business goals

Areas covered by our IT Service Management consulting service include:

  1. IT Service Management Assessment
  2. ITIL Process Design
  3. ISO 20000 Assessment and Compliance
IQMS’s IT Service Management practice assist to the organizations making continuous improvement in the manner they manage their services, relationships, processes, people & technology required to deliver and support IT services & products according to world class standards.
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