Human Capability Management

The purpose of IQMS Human Capability Management training is to quantify and manage the capability of the workforce and of the critical competency-based processes it performs. IQMS believes that people are assets to organizations, so IQMS Human Capability Management training helps to trainees to align people-strategies with their business strategy in order to address factors that affect financial and organizational performance. IQMS Human Capability Management training services ties people effectiveness to organizational performance and in collaboration with our global network; we identify, develop and deliver training that impact the business performance of our clients.

The capability of the workforce refers to the level of knowledge, skills, and process abilities available to the organization in each critical workforce competency for performing committed work. The Human’s capability in a specific workforce competency is assessed from the number of individuals in a competency community and the level of knowledge, skill, and process ability that each of them possesses.

IQMS trainer identifies the workforce competencies most critical to its business strategy and objectives and quantitatively manages the capability of these critical workforce competencies to ensure that critical competency-based processes can be performed with sufficient capability to achieve the organization’s quantitative performance and business objectives. After the training the organization determines its capability and related quantitative trends in each of its critical workforce competencies relative to objectives established in its strategic workforce plan. Data regarding competency development trends are defined and collected, and trends are analyzed.

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