Process Documentation

IQMS works with organizations to define the entire Quality Management System (QMS) for them using CMMI model and the industry best practices as the foundation. IQMS’s process document repository (including process definition, template/form, guideline and checklist) is made to implement the Quality management system in the oraganization accordance with CMMI’s best practices. Using these process documents an organization can easily implement the CMMI’s PAs and institutionalized their processes as well as make the continuous improvement within the organization. It is also helps to the organization make things people independent.

The Process Definitions, Templates, Guidelines and Checklists across the range of Process Areas defined for CMMI Levels, which have been built up for the CMMI project. All of these assets can be customized to your particular requirements.

  1. Quality System Manual
  2. Quality Procedure Manual
  3. Quality Format Manual
  4. Process Flow Diagram
  5. Template/Form
  6. Guidelines
  7. Checklist

Within the repository we have built process definitions, template/form, guideline and checklist that focus on a number of integrated areas, including:

  1. Management (Project Management): Requirements Management, Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control, Risk Management, Integrated Project Management
  2. Organization: Organization Process Focus, Organization Process Definition
  3. Configuration Management: Software Configuration Management, Data Management
  4. Software Quality Assurance: Product and Process Quality Assurance
  5. Engineering Practices: Requirements Development, Technical Solution
  6. Inspections: Verification
  7. Organizational Training: Organizational Training Curriculum
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