Innovation Management

IQMS Innovation Management delivers the best innovation training services through to the organizations. IQMS Innovation Management training develops the team skills that will deliver exciting new products and services. In addition, the framework leverages an advanced Innovation Management System to synchronize, optimize and manage best practices of the organization.

IQMS Innovation management training is focused on the systematic processes that organizations use to develop new and improved products, services and business processes. This training involves harnessing the creative ideas of an organization’s employees and utilizing it to bring a steady pipeline of profitable new innovations to the marketplace, quickly and efficiently. This innovation management training contains a valuable collection of the best practice, suggestion, new ideas for the over all organization’s process improvement etc. The Innovation management training is focused on the some major areas of the organization for improvement such as Marketing innovation, Process innovation, Technology innovation etc.

The objectives of IQMS Innovation management training are to refine and enhance the skills and techniques associated with effective Innovation Management – developing an attitude of making it happen;

  1. Innovation Management theory (Focuses how to manage and measure)
  2. Relationship between Strategic and Innovation Management
  3. How to apply the tools required for Creativity and Innovation
  4. Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
  5. Application of Product Design and Innovation Principles
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