Program Management

Most of the organizations across the world are carry out no. of projects/ programs worth billions of dollars each year across diverse sectors to bring forth new products and services or improve existing ones.

According to independent assessments, a significant number of projects/programs are known to be delayed, or have cost overruns, or failed. In this context, Program Management, as an independent discipline, has been gaining increasing recognition as a critical differentiator for better business performance.

As the focus moves from project management success, through project success, to consistent project success, a completely new set of criteria comes into play, as adjudged by different groups of stakeholders. They continuously seek to know IQMS’s Program Management (PM) practices are depicted in picture below:

Key challenges

  1. Managing communications effectively across cross functional and distributed teams
  2. Maintaining project data and information
  3. Managing interfaces across projects
  4. Arriving to accurate Estimates
  5. Evolving, changing scope
  6. Maintaining customer assets

IQMS’s PM practice provides a wide range of program & project management consulting and training services to help the organization to managing and executing the projects successfully.

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